Talk "Wigner Distribution deconvolution for ptychography: concept, extensions and recovery guarantees"


This talk focuses on the Wigner Distribution Deconvolution algorithm for ptychography. It approaches the recovery from ptychographic measurements by lifting the object to a higher-dimensional space in which the reconstruction can be posed as a deconvolution problem. Then, the object is obtained from its lifted approximation by separately estimating the magnitudes and the phases. As the dimension of the higher-dimensional space is linear in the object’s dimension, the resulting algorithm is both fast and provably allows for unique and stable reconstruction. We discuss its modifications, extensions for different measurement scenarios and connections to the literature on the uniqueness and stability of reconstruction.

Mar 7, 2024 10:30 AM — 11:30 AM
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
Oleh Melnyk
Oleh Melnyk
Postdoctoral researcher

Hi! I am mainly interested in phase retrieval and related topics.